CSD either side of the globe

The last month (December 2012) has been something of an International month. We conducted CSD (Certified Scrum Developer) courses at Oklahoma (USA) and Kathmandu (Nepal). Narinder (One of the instructors) has written about this on his blog. This course was done in partnership with Platinum Edge and Raman Tech.  It was a really good batch, albeit a small one, who got together really well and completed their exercise really well (not half bad for a first attempt). It was all the more enjoyable, since they were feeling free to really challenge the instructors (not something that happens often in India).

There was a slightly amusing (in hindsight) argument about how a “Flight ticket booking” user story is different from a “search for flights” user story. A couple of participants saw the latter as an inseparable part of the former. Srinivas kept insisting that these are different and a couple of people insisting on it being a part. We reached something of an impasse. However the point IS that stories need to be broken down into conveniently small chunks and to be treated as independently as possible (see INVEST). Also the orientation of a user doing a search for flights (in order to plan/compare options) is different from that of a user booking (in order to travel). In any case this is a good example of how to deconstruct an application functionally.  Enough about lecturing…. on to CSD experiences…We also had a really bright chap (who tried to bring out general from the particular, particularly well, I’ll see if we can get him to comment on this).

The course closed really well and all in all much more fun than we thought, even given the long flights. BTW Narinder, the luck so and so, got to fly in Lufthansa’s A380.

Next CSD stop was Nepal (Kathmandu). This is a very interesting American firm (www.veriskhealth.com/) with a development centre in Nepal. We had done work for them earlier (under the aegis of GoodAgile) , and it was a pleasure to re-visit.

The last time we were surprised by the quality of personnel. This time we were not surprised, as the quality was just as high. India wake up! The Nepalese CSD participant batches (2011 and 2012) were clearly better than any batch we taught in India. People were more participative, knowledgeable and curious. They did a really good job with the exercises and have done well on the CSD test as well. Of course one tries to steer clear of inter -batch comparison  but the difference between the Intl ( US batch and the Nepalese batches) and Indian batches was clearly perceptible. Of course we do have really good/sharp people attending the course in India, but not as a whole batch.

All in all the warm hospitality and eagerness of the people was instrumental in bringing 2012 to a sweet close. We now look forward to good, enjoyable sessions at home and abroad in 2013.


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