Critical capabilities are needed for teams to succeed with Scrum in their projects.

Succeeding in Scrum projects hinges on a team’s ability  to deliver an increment of high quality software, each and every sprint. In addition the team makes sure that this increment works with all the software built previously. Further thought shows that, since the team does not know for certain which functionality it’ll have to implement in the following sprints, it also must keep the software simple and flexible. This is done by a combination of just in time design decision making, simple design, automated tests and improving internal structure of code. All this is aided tremendously for teams which have access to timely, informative feedback, human and tool based. These are the capabilities that you can start building by taking up the CSD.

The one day introduction to Scrum course provides a through basic training of Scrum. The three day technical track course teaches topics which are the cornerstone of successfully executing sprints. Finally the one day course on working with legacy code will round all this off enabling you with means to apply what has been taught previously as you work on long running projects (usually a series of enhancements) which have been been following the traditional waterfall approaches.

The course itself has been vetted by industry thought leaders and taught by specialists. This means you are getting the correct information from a good source. However it is worth remembering that this will be a starting point. The whole course lasts five days (three, if you already have a CSM). More benefits and details are available from the CeeZone CSD page.


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