Three pass class

Three Coats of Paint

Our courses are typically taught in three passes. It is well known that people retain only a part of what is said to them. We ensure that the key points are absorbed by providing information in small doses. Relating various topics to each other and showing the relevance ensures that students gain comfort with these state of the art approaches to software development. So what does it look like?


  1. Overview (what and why)
  2. Detailed instruction (How to practice and tips)
  3. Experiential (long exercise and de-brief)

We first provide an overview of the topics talking about the terms briefly, why they are important and how they all fit in. Next we take participants through each practice in detail while explaining the principles they rely on. We usually provide small exercises along the way to drive home the main points. Finally we have the class do a longer, more realistic exercise in groups to experience the application of these practices themselves. So you really don’t need much of a background, just an open mind.


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